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No one can fully enjoy life in a foreign country
without speaking and understanding the language!!

Barcelona, Spain
Are you tired of learning Spanish on your own with CDs and books?
From the comfort of your home, we offer “one to one lessons” with a Spanish teacher, a real person on the Internet via Skype or on the telephone! An extremely efficient and comfortable way of learning!

Do you have a busy timetable?
We offer time flexibility – you can change your lesson date and time on a weekly basis!

Are you looking for personalised Spanish lessons?

Each lesson is personalised to your current Spanish level and to your goals. You will gain true confidence in speaking!

Is it possible to record the lessons?
Yes it is! For a small fee, you are able to download a recorder which enables you to record the entire lesson on Skype and to listen to it as many time as you wish. With the recorder, you can also download your lesson on a mp3 file or copy it onto a CD.

Are you looking to make real weekly results?
Personalised Spanish lessons and homework will get you positive results on a weekly basis!

Are you looking for a serious Spanish learning programme? Spanish orange tree
Our Spanish teachers are experienced, patient and friendly. Every lesson is backed up with notes and homework. The teacher communicates with the student closely at all time and gives continuous feed-back.

Are you looking for a programme which gives you contin uous motivation to learn, even outside of the lessons?
The homework deadlines and the corrections of the teacher will motivate you to continously learn Spanish and progress outside of your Spanish classes!

Are you afraid of committing to a Spanish learning programme?
We ask you to commit to only 4 weeks of Spanish lessons at one time! Your time and financial commitment are not taking a risk.



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